Welcome to the website of the BuCom 2018

This year we did the best we can, to come up with an awesome, new and exciting destination. And we succeeded. Because this year’s trip will take you all the way to the other side of Europe. We will travel to Latvia and visit Estonia and Lithuania. On this amazing journey we will visit a variety of companies, from big to small, form international to local.
As known by our fellow experienced Astatine members, the BuCom follows a long tradition of visiting the technical and cultural highlights all over Europe. We have visited France, Poland, Sweden, Denmark, Italy, Switzerland, Germany and many more countries throughout the years. But no one ever took the trip as far as we will do. It is a first for the bucom to visit the baltic states.
Never before was the way of transportation on the BuCom else than by bus or boat. But this year we will actually fly to save us valuable time, and still it will be a 8 day trip.
So will you join us on a trip like never before? We look forward to invite you for our journey from the 5th till the 12th of May 2017!