1. Read all information below (!)
2. Check/Get your valid ID card or Passport
3. Check the Luggage Requirements below and buy extra luggage if needed (information will follow 1st of April)

The Baltics are a far far place, too far to comfortably drive by bus. Luckily, airplanes exist, and we can utilise this exciting way of transport. However, this way of transport needs more organization and planning than others. On this page you will find all the things you, as participant, have to do before stepping onto the airplane.

1. Basic Information

We will be flying with WizzAir. WizzAir is a budget Eastern European airline, nonetheless very safe, having a safety rating of 6/7. However, do not expect much luxury.

We are flying from Eindhoven Airport, and will be arriving in the baltics on Riga International Airport on the 5th of may. Our flight will leave at 9:30 on Saturday morning, and we will arrive in Riga around 13:00. The flight duration is around 2.5 hours, so make sure you have something to do on the Airplane.

Transport to Eindhoven:
The BuCom has been so kind to arrange a bus to transport us from Enschede to Eindhoven. It is expected that everybody takes this bus. If, for some reason, you are not able to take the bus with us, please let us know. This bus will leave around 04:30 on Saturday. If you are late, we will leave without you!

After an awesome week, we will be leaving the Baltics from Vilnius Airport, back to Eindhoven Airport on the 12th of may. This flight will leave 7:35, and we will be back in the Netherlands around 09:00. Take into account that it will take some time before we can leave the Airport. We will be back in Enschede around 12:30.

2. Identification

Because we are travelling by Airplane, don’t Forget:
Valid identification, like a passport of ID card. A driving license is NOT a valid travelling document and cannot be used as identification outside the Netherlands and therefore is not valid for the flight. Make sure you have either a valid passport or an valid ID card, and if you do not have one yet get one immediately (it takes a while)!
Also, while signing up, you need to provide us with the Document Number of the identification you will be using to travel. This is needed for the confirmation of the tickets.

3. Luggage

Wizzair has strict policies on the Luggage every passenger can bring. Everybody has standard handluggage allowed in the cabin.
This handluggage cannot be over the following set specifications:

Keep in mind: Handluggage means that you cannot transport more than 1L of liquid, and it should be distributed over containers no bigger than 100 ml each. They have to be transported in a translucent bag together. Ofcourse, no sharp objects, drugs, guns, bombs or nuclear materials can be transported in the handluggage (Probably not advisable in checked luggage either).

Checked Luggage (Extra):
For most people handluggage should provide enough room for 1 week. However, if you do feel like bringing your whole closet and more, additional luggage can be bought. As the BuCom does not feel like this is essential, this has to be bought by the participant him/herself. This luggage will be transported as checked in luggage, so not accessible during the flight.
Additional Luggage can be bought 1 month before departure, by logging in on the website of Wizzair. More information will be given when this is possible.
The additional Luggage cannot be over: