Dear all,

My name is Noud and i am the chairman of the bucom committee. It is really fun and as a group we have a big responsibility, but that’s the challenge right? I mean, what could go wrong when you let a few second year students beg for money at different study groups and let them work out a whole trip on their own. But hey the result counts. And that's that we are flying to the Baltic states and are going to have an awesome week and see a lot of awesome companies, which sounds pretty cool to me.

Oh yeah and something about me, i love beer and i’m the person to talk to if you have any problem during the trip.


Hello peeps,

My name is Jons Bolding and I am the secretary of this years Bucom. I have always loved to travel places and discover the world, I have already been in 4 continents although I’m only 18 years unit, so this is the perfect commission for me.

The Bucom is a very special kind of trip, since you are with a large group of friends, discover new companies and can also party until you drop! I know the Bucom of this year will definitely be an amazing trip for everyone involved. What are you waiting for? Sign up and don’t miss it!


Travel is fun and all, but unfortunately also a bit of a money devourer. As treasurer, I will try my best to take your money away from you and do something with it. Like buying myself a beer! Apparently, I also have to make sure the spending before and during the trip is ‘reasonable’ so I guess I’ll do that too. I will therefore be the one distributing money for food during the trip (Definitely not bribable. No...).

Furthermore; Last year during the BuCom I spend way too much money, but that is a clear indication of how much fun I had. However, I think that this year, we can have even more fun in the Baltics, without spending a lot more money!

Hope to see your money soon! (and you a little bit as well)


Hello All!

My name is Leon Alberts and I am the External relations of the BuCom. My main responsibility is to make the BuCom as cheap for you guys as I possibly can. Looking forward to this trip I can not say anything but that it will be an amazing experience. I hope you’ll have an even greater Bucom than I experienced last year. See you in the Baltics!!


Hi everyone!

I will be the one stressing about getting everyone to the correct location on time, since I will be incharge of the planning of the trip. If you ever want to know what we will be doing this trip you have to ask me, I will have it all planned out to the detail.

I love to travel and have been to many places, but never to the Baltic states before, so I’m really looking forward to this years BuCom! Besides this I like to have a drink and enjoy the scenery, things we will definitely do, during the BuCom.

Hope to see you all there!


Hello everyone,

In the BuCom we all help out planning the trip, but I’m responsible for the design this year. Now you may be asking yourself, what is it that I do exactly? And my only answer would be that I make things look prettier than they would have otherwise. I’m responsible for the website, logo, and booklet for during the trip, and if you have any complaints: please bother our chairman or secretary instead.

I’m really looking forward to going to the Baltic States, because who doesn't like to travel, experience new cultures, and look at awesome scenery?